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NWA 2235 

Found in Morocco, 2000

TKW : only 64 gr 



This group of primitive achondrites is named for the type specimen, Lodran, a meteorite that fell in Pakistan in 1868. There are only 11 members in this group, and nearly all of them have been found in the blue-ice fields of Antarctica. It is somewhat of a mystery why no new lodranite specimens have been discovered thus far as part of the wealth of new meteorites coming from the hot deserts of Africa and Asia.

Initially, the lodranites were grouped with the stony-iron meteorites since they contain components of both stony material, consisting of olivine, orthopyroxene, and minor plagioclase, and nickel-iron metal in nearly equal proportions. However, since the discovery of the closely related acapulcoite group, the lodranites have been classified as primitive achondrites. Because both groups share similar mineralogical and oxygen isotopic compositions, it is thought that they are derived from the same parent body, most likely an S-type asteroid that has not yet been identified. Lodranites have coarser-grained olivines and pyroxenes and experienced higher temperatures than acapulcoites; these facts indicate that the lodranites have their origin within the deeper layers of the acapulcoite/lodranite parent body where they were subjected to a more intense and prolonged thermal processing.

Outside Lodran, it's the first lodranite to be available for the collectors


Nwa 2235 00

25.65 gr

Main mass of this rare type of lodranite !!!

Price on request

Nwa 2235 01

 0.77 gr

Nice slice with fusion crust !

Price on request


Nwa 2235 

 7.97 gr

Full slice with fusion crust !


Nwa 2235 01'

 5.015 gr

 Very nice full and thin slice with fusion crust !

 Price on request

Nwa 2235 02

  0.558 gr

Nice slice with fusion crust and fresh metal !

Price on request


Nwa 2235 03

  0.252 gr

 Tiny endcut showing nice matrix and crust

Price on request


Nwa 2235 04

0.188 gr

A small rectangular endcut !


Nwa 2235 05

0.224 gr

A thin and nice slice !

Price on request


Nwa 2235 06

0.080 gr

A thin and nice slice !

Price on request


Nwa 2235 07

0.148 gr

A square thick slice !

Price on request


Nwa 2235 08

0.086 gr

A thin and nice slice with fresh metal





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