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Ungrouped Primitive Achondrites

Some interesting primitive achondrites are only represented by a single find, providing inadequate justification for the establishment of a new group. For example, two new primitive enstatite achondrites, Zaklodzie, Poland, and Itqiy, Western Sahara, are unique in mineral composition. Although they both are composed largely of the magnesium-rich pyroxene, enstatite, and nickel-iron metal, the texture of Zaklodzie resembles an acapulcoite while that of Itqiy is more like a lodranite. They probably both represent samples of moderately differentiated, E chondrite parent bodies that experienced similar differentiation processes such as that which occurred on the acapulcoite/lodranite parent body.


found 1990 Saguia el Hamra, Western Sahara

TKW 4.72 kg

primitive achondrite or EH7 anomalous

Itqiy 00

perfect crusted slice, a rare size for Itqiy...



Itqiy 01

crusted square slice



Itqiy 02

0.5 gr

Nice triangular slice !

$ 100


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