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The ureilites are named for Novo Urei, a rural village in the Mordova Republic, Russia, where several meteorites fell in late 1886. 

The ureilites are subdivided into two groups: the monomict main group and the less common polymict group. Main group ureilites are composed largely of coarse-grained olivine and minor pyroxene, mostly in the form of calcium-poor pigeonite, set in a dark carbonaceous matrix of graphite and diamond, nickel-iron metal, and troilite. Our recent find, El Gouanem, Morocco, is a rather typical member of the main group. Polymict ureilites consist of a mixture of different lithologies. Besides clasts from main group ureilites, they contain magmatic inclusions, dark carbonaceous clasts, chondritic fragments of different origins, and various other inclusions. This suggests a surface or regolith origin for the polymict ureilites, an assumption that is supported by the values for noble gases that have been implanted into the regolith by the solar wind.

NWA 3223

Polymict Ureilite 

Morocco, found in 2002

TKW : 51 gr

Physical characteristics: The sample is a sub-rounded stone with 60% fusion crust and soft when cut.

Petrography and mineral compositions: (H. Takeda, Chiba and A. Yamaguchi, NIPR). It is composed of medium to coarse (up to 1.6x1.2 mm in size) olivine (Fo77-80, CaO = 0.3-0.4; Cr2O3 = 0.65-0.9 [both wt%; cores]) and pigeonite grains (Fs18.0Wo7.5; Cr2O3 =1.1-1.3 wt%). Carbonaceous veins typical of ureilites are observed at parts of the thin section and dusty patches of fine-grained opaque minerals decorate the rims of grains.

Classification: Achondrite (ureilite, polymict); minimal shock with rare mosaicism in olivine.

NWA 3223 - 00

12.59 gr

Nice slice of ureilite with crust on the edge !

$ 760

NWA 3223 - 01

10.02 gr

Nice slice of ureilite with crust !


NWA 3223 - 02


Slice of Polymict ureilite with crust !

$ 430

NWA 3223 - 03


Slice of nwa 3223 ureilite with crust  on the edge!


NWA 3223 - 04


An other slice of this special Ureilite with a low TKW




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