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NWA 2737 or "Diderot"

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NASA page about NWA2737 here

This group is named for its only member, Chassigny, a meteorite that fell in France in 1815. As a witnessed fall that was recovered in the early days of meteoritics, it was one of the first meteorites to be recognized as a genuine rock from space, and it subsequently proved to be one of the most intriguing ones. Chassigny is a cumulate rock, resembling a terrestrial dunite. It consists of about 91% iron-rich olivine, 5% clinopyroxene, 1.7% plagioclase, 1.4% chromite, 0.3% melt inclusions, and other accessory minerals and phases. The melt inclusions contain rare amphiboles, and cracks within Chassigny are filled with carbonate and sulfate salts, indicating a mild pre-terrestrial aqueous alteration.


In 1999, we brought a black rock from Morocco, broken in several
pieces. This rock was not immediately recognized as a meteorite, so we
filed it with hundreds of other "meteorwrongs". It was only in 2005
that a fragment was entrusted to scientists and that the true nature of
the sample was recognized.  Called "Diderot" by the scientists in homage
to the 18th century encyclopedist of Langres in France, this meteorite
bears today the name of Northwest Africa 2737 (NWA 2737), according to the
international nomenclature.

  Although the surface of Mars is studied today by the NASA rovers Spirit
and Opportunity, these meteorites are the only samples of the red
planet ever available for researchers. Indeed, the program of Martians
sample return being quasi-abandoned, these discoveries bring priceless
harvests of data to understand the evolution of our solar system.

No other Chassignite has ever been discovered since Chassigny fell in
1815.  With the discovery of NWA 2737, a huge lack has been filled.
The total number of our unpaired SNC meteorites is now 8.





The happy owners at the Inn Suites

A slice close up, note the amiboïd blue high pressure glass


NWA 2737 -03

perfect wire saw cut slice, less than a mm thick !!



NWA 2737 -02

complete fragment, the best of the group.



NWA 2737 -07

Nice fragment of Chassignite with an open window !

0.140 Gr


NWA 2737 -18

Very nice endcut of Chassignite  !

4.621 Gr

price on request

NWA 2737 -08

Very nice large slice of Chassignite  !

1.765 Gr



NWA 2737 -09

Very nice thin slice, the best of the group.



NWA 2737 -10

Nice slice of Chassignite  !

1.5 Gr


NWA 2737 -13

thin slice with crust !

0.318 gr


NWA 2737 -14

Very nice slice of Chassignite  !

0.258 Gr


NWA 2737 -15

Group of nice fragments

0.158 gr


NWA 2737 -16

Group of nice fragments

0.232 Gr


NWA 2737 -17

Group of nice fragments ! for chemistry !!!

0.258 gr



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